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Known as one of the best scenic road states in America, Virginia offers road-trippers and motorcyclists a wealth of must-see scenery ready to explore. From the high ranges of the Appalachian Mountains to the more than 180 kms of serpentine Atlantic Ocean coastal routes, historic attractions, and welcoming stop-offs, you’ll want to prime your ride and clean that windscreen so as not to miss a single moment. Start planning your next U.S. road trip with some inspiration from these spectacular routes:

Master the “Back of the Dragon” Along Route 16

Imagine 51 kms of a sharply zig-zagging two-lane ribbon road with 400+ curves winding through the Big Walker, Brushy and Clinch mountains. The quaint “Main Street” towns of Marion and Tazewell await, offering exceptional fun in the streets with live music, shopping and dining on the first Friday of each month between May and August.

Spot Wildlife Along Skyline Drive

Nature lovers should make a beeline for Skyline Drive, one of the world’s most famous roads and an absolute must for motorcyclists. Located in Shenandoah National Park, this spectacular road runs north-south, offering jaw-dropping views of natural wonders from waterfalls to tree-lined peaks. 

Discover America’s Favourite Drive Along the Blue Ridge Parkway

Spend a day or even a week exploring Virginia’s Blue Ridge Parkway, America’s favourite drive and most visited National Park. Numerous exits off the drive make it easy to stop and take in the art, culture and crafts of the Appalachians. This is the route for road-trippers who want to take their time and soak up the stunning scenery as the speed limit is just 70 km/hour.

Delve Deep Into History on the Colonial Parkway

For the perfect blend of spectacular views and fascinating early American history, take a scenic drive into the past via Virginia’s Historic Triangle. Walk in the footsteps of America’s Founding Fathers with visits to Jamestown, the first permanent English colony in North America, established in 1607; Colonial Williamsburg, the world’s largest living history museum; and Yorktown, site of the final battle of America’s Revolutionary War.

Enjoy Sightseeing High Above the Atlantic Ocean on the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel

When it opened in April 1964, the toll bridge-tunnel was selected as one of the “Seven Engineering Marvels of the Modern World.” Linking southeast Virginia at Virginia Beach to Virginia’s Eastern Shore, the 28-km span usually takes around 25 minutes to cross. Drivers have the opportunity to stop at a scenic overlook along the way to enjoy the superb bay views. Enhance your experience and download the MP3 driving tour at cbbt.com (there is one for each direction) for plenty of bridge-tunnel tidbits and facts.

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