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For an unforgettable day for the entire family, discover the thrills and excitement at the headwaters of the Everglades with a visit to Wild Florida Airboats in Central Florida. Home to the Orlando area’s only airboat and gator park adventure, and offering the only half-day airboat excursion in the area, Wild Florida Airboats immerses you in the enchantment of Old Florida.

Epic airboat rides provide a chance to experience alligators, turkeys, wild hogs, eagles and many other animals found in this special habitat. You can even venture out on night tours to explore the surroundings from the safety of your airboat.

The attraction’s world-class Gator and Wildlife Park offers once-in-a-lifetime animal encounters with sloths, alligators, lemurs, porcupines, albino gators and more. You can also work as an animal keeper for a day, one of the many interactive programs available at Wild Florida Airboats.

When hunger and thirst beckon, enjoy delicious barbecue treats, burgers and exotic meals at the Chomp House Grill. Don’t pass up the Swamp Slushy, a delightful blend of mango, orange and passion fruit.

Located just 10 minutes south of St. Cloud, Wild Florida Airboats’ unique location is ideal for team meetings, birthdays and weddings. The air-conditioned Cypress Ballroom accommodates up to 220 people, while an outdoor swamp-side 140-square-metre covered deck on the beautiful shores of Lake Cypress provides the perfect backdrop for any event.

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Plan and book your memorable Everglades experience with Wild Florida Airboats at wildfloridairboats.com.

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