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For 71 years, First Air has connected the Arctic—providing essential services and tourism opportunities to Canada’s most remote locales.

Founded as the dream of Russ Bradley in 1946, today, First Air is wholly owned by the 9,000 Inuit of Québec’s north, through the Makivik Corporation, and annually transports over 200,000 passengers between 35 northern communities.

First Air’s legacy is one of service and innovation—such as helping to develop the first airplane “tundra tire,” assisting in mapping and surveying northern regions and contributing more than $40 million annually to regional economies. To mark seven decades of service, First Air unveiled a new brand identity in October 2017. The new brand and livery feature a modern graphic interpretation of the iconic Inukshuk, brings two new planes into the fleet and introduces enhanced premium services—meals, Starbucks coffee, warm cookies and wine, all at no extra charge—as well as soon-to-be-launched on-board Wi-Fi entertainment.

As air travel is vital in connecting the Arctic to southern Canada, First Air’s operation has a deep responsibility attached, whether it’s transporting food, mail or medical passengers, or uniting friends and families. And, while they continue their mission to be the pre-eminent essential service airline to Northern Canada, First Air is furthering its commitment to helping travellers experience the magic of the North.

“We want to inspire more tourists to visit this truly exotic destination. The Arctic is a place of wonder and increasingly, tourists from around the world are looking for out-of-the-ordinary travel experiences,” said Brock Friesen, President and CEO of First Air. Along with providing memorable vacations to people from around the globe, local economies will in turn be bolstered by servicing new tourism ventures.

For First Air—and the people of the Arctic—the future is as bright as the northern lights.

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For more information on how you can experience the magic of the North with First Air, visit firstair.ca or call 1-800-267-1247.

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