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(2019 - Fall/Winter Issue)


Excitement is filling the air—and sea—at SeaWorld Orlando and Busch Gardens Tampa Bay with the opening of new attractions, interactive programs and the birth of a baby walrus.

At SeaWorld Orlando, Sesame Street Land welcomes families of all ages to the world-famous neighbourhood to mingle with characters and delight in six themed rides including Elmo’s Choo Choo Train, Big Bird’s Twirl ‘N’ Whirl and Super Grover’s Box Car Derby, a family-friendly coaster. Be sure to drop by Mr. Hooper’s store and say hello before watching the Sesame Street parade, SeaWorld Orlando’s first-ever parade.  

Next, don’t miss the cutest whiskers in the world belonging to a female Pacific walrus calf born this summer to mom Kaboodle and dad Garfield.  She is the second calf born at SeaWorld Orlando and an important ambassador to help guests learn more about walrus populations and threats such as warming ocean temperatures and melting ice. 

On the Gulf coast, Busch Gardens Tampa Bay invites guests to experience Tigris, a new triple-launch steel rollercoaster that is Florida’s tallest launch coaster. The ride reaches 96.6 kph with a 45.7-metre skyward surge, looping twists and an inverted role. 

At both Florida parks, guests are welcome to get up close and personal with animals to learn more about their care. In Orlando, animal interaction programs feature penguin, sea lion and shark encounters, as well as the new SeaWorld Rescue Experience. Up-Close Encounters at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay include new rhino and sloth encounters as well as a penguin, elephant and Aldabra tortoise Insider Tour.

Animal encounters also allow guests to gain a better understanding of the challenges these animals face in the wild. Human-driven activities have taken a greater toll on marine wildlife in recent years due to changes in sea surface temperatures and urban development resulting in habitat loss and ocean pollution.

SeaWorld’s rescue teams are working on the frontlines, giving ill, injured, orphaned or abandoned animals a second chance at life by conducting worldwide rescue operations. A leader in saving the lives of animals through its Animal Rescue and Rehabilitation Program, SeaWorld has helped more than 36,000 marine and terrestrial animals in its 55-year history. 

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More information on these and other attractions, animal rescue and interaction programs, and Canadian tourist offers is found at SeaWorld.ca and BuschGardens.ca.

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