DREAMSCAPES Spring/Summer 2017
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(2017 - Spring/Summer Issue)


The Canadian Arctic comes alive in the summer. Wildlife, including caribou, muskoxen and grizzly bears, roams the blooming tundra while rare migratory birds fly above. All this is brightened by the 24-hour sunshine, and made comfortable by mild weather and true northern charm.

Bathurst Inlet Lodge is an accessible way for travellers of all ages to experience the Arctic in summer. This all-inclusive adventure begins with a private charter flight from Yellowknife, NWT, to Bathurst Inlet, Nunavut, with possible aerial views of diamond mines and herds of caribou below. As you step off the plane, spectacular landscapes immediately take your breath away as you start your week of exploration. Activities for the whole family include hiking in the footsteps of renowned explorers and boating under the midnight sun.

When you stay here you not only get to experience the beauty and culture of the Arctic, you become part of the family. Owned and operated by Inuit, Bathurst Inlet Lodge has been a gem of the Arctic for almost 50 years. With the community hospitality, rich history and opportunities for outdoor adventure, it’s no wonder guests come back year after year.


Bathurst Inlet Lodge offers adventures under the midnight sun in June and July. Begin your journey at bathurstarctic.com.

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