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Mary Walsh has been a fixture on Canadian television for decades as a writer, producer and actor. Most Canadians fondly remember her as the entertaining reporter Marg Delahunty in CBC’s This Hour Has 22 Minutes. No Canadian politician was safe from Marg’s probing questions.  

Newfoundland has produced many of Canada’s best comedic talent, including Mary Walsh. It’s part of being a Newfoundlander. “Everyone in Newfoundland is kind of funny. If you aren’t, you might as well hang yourself, because they’re not going to feed you,” jokes Walsh.

Monty Python was the first to tickle her funny bone. “I think Monty Python, specifically the ‘Dead Parrot’ sketch, was the first time I laughed out loud.” The SCTV cast, Richard Pryor and Andy Jones were all part of Walsh’s comedic admiration club. Today she is a big fan of Ricky Gervais.

Walsh is a tour de force. Whether she’s taking on a lead or minor role, Walsh doesn’t shy away from reaching into her acting arsenal and playing tough female roles. She currently plays Sean Tucker, an androgynous slumlord who operates a boxing gym in the CBC series Little Dog.

She has earned numerous Gemini awards over the years with an extensive collection of TV and film credits, including Sensitive Skin, Rookie Blue and Republic of Doyle

Passion for acting extends to her tireless advocacy for many charities and causes, especially in the areas of mental health and addiction awareness. Her social activism combined with a successful career has been recognized with the Order of Canada and the Governor General’s Lifetime Achievement Award in the Performing Arts. 

Walsh’s love for Canada is unwavering but she isn’t afraid to give it a Marg Delahunty dressing down now and then.  

What has satisfied you the most in your career?

I think two things gave me the most satisfaction. One was getting my book Crying for the Moon published in March 2017, because I wanted to do it my whole life. The other was producing, writing and starring in Hatching, Matching and Dispatching, because I love that show.

What do you like about your current role as Sean Tucker in the TV series, Little Dog?

It’s fantastic and challenging. I’ve always felt fairly comfortable playing a man!

What are your favourite Canadian destinations? 

St. John’s. I love it. Oh, and Saskatoon! I was just in Iqaluit and it’s absolutely stunning with the kindest people, like they say Newfoundlanders are. Someone should do a Broadway musical about Iqaluit. And they have the best coats in the world. They are so beautiful, everyone who goes up there experiences parka envy.

What kind of traveller are you?

On a personal holiday, I usually just chill. I used to be obsessively active until I married my husband about 15 years ago. On one of our first holidays we went to a resort and I said, “Let’s get the kayaks out and then windsurf this afternoon.” He replied, “Mmm yeah, let’s just wait until this afternoon.” Then we spent the whole two weeks doing nothing but lying in the sun, swimming, reading and eating—it was so great.

What’s your dream destination?

Portugal. I grew up with the Portuguese White Fleet in St. John’s Harbour. When John Cabot came into St. John’s Harbour there were already Portuguese barques in the harbour. Portuguese have been coming to St. John’s my whole life. They were such a wonderful presence in my city and I always longed to visit their country.

What’s next for Mary Walsh?

I’m always hoping for a new season of Hatching, Matching and Dispatching. I love the show so much. I’m also writing a new novel. My friend Cathy Jones and I are hoping to do a web series in which we travel across the country as the Mrs. E’s. And I’m writing a screenplay called Come Home Here.

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